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Fire Department

The City of Cornwall is protected by a force of 56 firefighters, 3 fire prevention officers, a training officer, a fire department mechanic, all supported by a staff of day-workers. Most homes and businesses in Cornwall are located within minutes of a fire station.

In addition to its traditional fire fighting duties, the Department is trained to efficiently handle rescues at accident scenes, explosions, floods, hazardous material incidents and water and ice water rescue.

Click on the following links to learn more:

- Services

- By-laws

- Safety Information

- Sparky's Corner

- Open Air Burning

- Vehicle Donation Program

- Plan an Escape Route

- Fire Department Staff

- Fire Department Online Complaint Form

- Firefighter Recruitment

- Reports and Documents


For further information, please contact:

Fire Chief Richard McCullough 
10 Fourth St. West Box 877
Cornwall ON  K6J 2R6
Tel: (613) 930-2787 ext. 2338
Fax: (613) 930-9089

Do you have a fire-related complaint? If so, you may use our Online Complaint Form to contact us.