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Vehicle Donation Program

The Cornwall Fire Services has established a new partnership with Metro Towing to facilitate the donation of scrap vehicles for firefighter training purposes.

Residents can now opt to donate their old scrap vehicles, and Metro Towing will arrange to pick up the vehicle and store it so that it can be used by the Fire Department for vehicle extrication training in the future.

Residents who donate a vehicle will receive a $150 tax receipt. As part of the process, donors must fill out a short donation form before the vehicle can be collected.

Arrange a scrap vehicle donation

For more information or to arrange a scrap vehicle donation, please call (613) 930-2787 ext. 2311 or visit the Cornwall Fire Services Headquarter Station at 10 Fourth Street West during regular business hours.

The Cornwall Fire Services provides protection to life and property to local citizens through the coordination of education, prevention, training, rescue, emergency medical first response and suppression.

In addition to its traditional fire fighting duties, the Department is trained to efficiently handle rescues at accident scenes, explosions, floods, hazardous material incidents and water and ice water rescue. Often, these rescues involve extricating drivers and passengers from vehicles after a collision.