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Fire Alarm Testing Standards

As of November 21, 1999, the Ontario Fire Code will requires that only properly trained or supervised technicians test or service the fire alarm systems in your building(s).

The building owner will be responsible under the Ontario Fire Code for confirming that the fire alarm technician working on your building's fire alarm system has either:

  • Successfully completed either of the following fire alarm training programs: Electrical Contractors' Association of Ontario (ECAO)
    Canadian Fire Alarm; or
  • is supervised by a person that meets the above requirement.

To confirm that the technician is qualified to work on your fire alarm system, check his photo ID card for the following:

  • the program provider and authorized signature,
  • the technicians name and photo,
  • the following statement: "This program is deemed acceptable to the Fire Marshal and satisfies the requirements of Clause of the Ontario Fire Code."

Record the information and file it with the technician's inspection/test report.

Failure to comply with requirements of the Ontario Fire Code can result in charges being laid, and the retesting of the system at your expense.

For further information, please call 930-2787 - Extensions 2397/2392/2381.

Note that this new requirement does not apply to fire alarm alteration work done under a building permit.