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Sewer Lateral Replacement Financing Program

The Council of the City of Cornwall has recognized from time to time city homeowners may be required to replace their sewer lateral service due to No-Co-Ro piping that was installed in the 1960's.  The cost associated with this type of work may cause an unexpected financial burden to the homeowner.  To assist with this unexpected cost, a loan assistance program was implemented.  

The homeowner will be required to supply 2 written detailed quotes from 2 different contractors for the external work on the private portion of the property.  The homeowner will also be advised to contact the Sewer Section of the Municipal Works Division to verify the condition of the municipal portion of the sewer lateral before work commences.  

Upon completion of the work, the cost of the replacement will be amortized over 5 years on the associated property tax bill at an interest rate of prime + 3%.  In the event of a sale or lease of the land or in the event the said lands cease to be occupied by the owner, the loan shall immediately become due and payable.

For further information on this program, you can contact Financial Services by calling (613) 930-2787 ext. 2332.