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Service Fees and Charges

The following are administration service fees and charges as they relate to property taxes:

 Tax Certificates    


 $45 - as of January 1, 2018

 Duplicate Tax Receipts   $10
 Reminder Notices on Tax and Water Accounts  $5 per notice
 Service Charge for N.S.F. Cheques    $35
 Interest on Unpaid Taxes   15% or 1.25% monthly
 Interest on Overdue Water/Sewer Accounts     15% or 1.25% monthly
 Interest on Late Accounts Receivable Invoices  1.25% per month
 Water Turn Off/On   $59.50
 Administration Fee - Sewer Lateral Financing Loans   $50 per application
 Administration Fee on Registered Properties   up to $1,350 per file
 Tax or Water Account Change of Ownership   $20.00 per account