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Pre-authorized Tax Payment Plans

The City of Cornwall offers convenient pre-authorized tax payment plans that allows you to enjoy such benefits as:

  • savings on postage and cheque costs
  • no worries about missed due dates
  • no standing in lineups
  • no service charges or fees apply
  • easier personal budgeting

1.        Regular Instalment Plan 

  • interim and final instalments are withdrawn on the specified due dates reflected on your tax bill (4 instalments per year)
  • you will be mailed an Interim and Final tax bill for information purposes.  These bills should be kept for income tax purposes and the information verified to be correct. 

Realty taxes are due on the following dates each year:

Interim Bill Dates last business day of March
last business day of April
Final Bill Dates last business day of July
last business day of August


2.        Monthly Instalment Plan 

  • 10 monthly instalments to be paid January through October
  • monthly payments are adjusted twice per year, first in November and again in June, after the final taxes for the year have been determined. 
  • instalment payments are due on either the 1st or 15th of each month 
  • if the withdrawal date is a non-business day, the payment will be drawn on the first business day following the due date
  • January through June instalment payments are 10% of the previous year's tax levy 
  • July through October instalment payments are adjusted to reflect any increase/decrease in the current's year total levy  

3.        Arrears Payment Plan 

  • for taxpayers who have tax arrears 
  • payment amounts are pre-approved to ensure that arrears do not fall further behind 
  • payments are withdrawn on the first business day of each month 

Program Details

To enroll,  simply download the application below or request an application from the Billing and Collection Services.

Please indicate which option you have chosen when completing the form, mark 'VOID' and attach an unsigned cheque, encoded with your bank transit number and account number, to the application.

Mail or drop off the completed application along with a void cheque at the following address:

Billing and Collection Office
360 Pitt Street
P.O Box 877
Cornwall, ON
K6H 5T9

Your application is required a minimum of 10 days prior to the next scheduled withdrawal.  If you own more than one property, a separate Pre-Authorization Agreement is required for each property.

You may cancel your participation in the plan at any time by advising the Billing and Collection Section.  Please note that the City Collector may cancel the privilege of continuing in the plan if two payments fail to be honoured by the bank.

It is your responsibility to inform the City in writing on the prescribed form, if your bank account information changes and supply a new VOID cheque or to cancel participation in the PAP program if the property is sold.

A service charge of $35.00 will be applied to your account for payments not cleared by your financial institution.  In addition, a penalty of 1.25 per cent will be added to your account.  If the payment is not replaced in the specified time, you will be notified that your account has been removed from the pre-authorized payment plan.