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Registered Charities Tax Rebate Program

This rebate program is applicable to registered charities that are tenants in a commercial or industrial class property.  The landlord may be contacted by the charity to provide pertinent information that the City requires in order to process their application.

Charities that wish to apply must have a valid registration number issued by Canada Customs and Revenue Agency and submit an application no later than February 28th following the taxation year for which relief is being requested.  The deadline for the 2016 taxation year is February 28, 2017.

Qualifying charities must apply each year for the rebate.  The landlord/property owner is also required to complete a Property Owner Declaration and must accompany the application being submitted for consideration.

The application form, Charity Tax Rebate Application, can be downloaded as a pdf document by clicking on the link below.

The application form is also available from the City's Municipal Assessor:

Financial Services Department
Billing & Collection Office
360 Pitt Street
Cornwall, ON
K6H 5T9

or by calling 930-2787 extension 2212 or