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Budget Management

Budget and Cash Co-ordinator - Justin Cordell

The City's budget documents reflect how your property tax dollars will be spent in its day-to-day operations as well as act as a blueprint for setting  priorities for municipal programs, services and initiatives.  The budget section oversees the budget process from departmental and outside agencies submissions through to publication of the approved budget documents.

The City of Cornwall has three distinct budget documents:

Water & Sewer Budget - A summary of the waterworks budget which includes capital and operating components.  The water and sewer budget is self sustaining whereby revenue generated from water billings, sewer surcharge and miscellaneous sources such as water/sewer connection service charges, and interest on overdue billings meet the obligations of the operating costs for water and sanitary sewer together with the related capital works to be undertaken in the current year.

Operating Budget - An outline organized by business unit, of the City's budget for its day-to-day operations including services such as policing, land ambulance, recreation, social housing and outside agencies funded by the municipality.

Capital Budget - An outline of the City's requirement to acquire or improve land or buildings, machinery and equipment used to provide municipal services.  To also assist the municipality in the development of capital infrastructure such as roads, sidewalks, solid waste diversion.


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