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2012 Budget Information

 "With this budget, our residents are getting good value for their tax dollars."

- Mayor Bob Kilger

At a special City Council meeting on Wednesday, March 28th, Cornwall City Council approved a $145.2-million operating and capital budget for 2012 which calls for key investments in the City's road, sidewalk and bike lane networks as well as the maintenance of a wide array of municipal programs and services.

The budget carries a tax levy increase of 1.51 per cent, due
in large part to a

2012 Budget Highlights

- Total budget of $145.2 million
- Tax levy increase of 1.51 %
- Tax rate decrease of 2.22 %
- Average tax increase of  $35.68

Operating Budget Highlights
- Introduction of weekly, single-stream curbside recycling collection
- Enhancements to Cornwall Transit routes

Capital Budget Highlights
- $3 million in asphalt resurfacing work on Various City streets
- $605,000 on sidewalk and bicycle lane infrastructure improvements
- City Facility and Property upgrades
- Replacement of municipal vehicles including a fire truck, ambulances, a Handi-Transit bus and Municipal Works vehicles

reduction in provincial transfer payments, increases in salaries
and benefits, rising fuel and electricity costs and service enhancements.

By comparison, the Consumer Price Index for Ontario (from Statistics Canada) for
the year ending February 2012 increased 2.9 per cent.

For the average residential taxpayer, the increase will translate into less than $1 a week.

The 2012 City budget will result in a 2.22 per cent decrease to the municipal tax
rate to partially offset rising property assessment values, which will increase an average of 4 per cent this year.

It marks the fourth consecutive year that the municipal tax rate has been reduced in Cornwall.

In the lead-up to Council's approval of the 2012 budget, the City's Budget Steering Committee held a total of nine meetings to review requests by various City departments and outside agencies in greater detail.

Prior to that, Financial Services Manager Maureen Adams and other members of the Financial Services Department met with all of the Division Managers and Senior Managers with the City to review their respective budget submissions.

The following table provides links to various reports and presentations related to
the 2012 City Budget:

 Document Explanation                                                  

2012 Budget Presentation (PDF)

2012 Budget Summary (PDF)

At the March 28th special City Council meeting, Financial Services Manager Maureen Adams provided an overview of the adjusted 2012 City Budget based on the changes made during the budget deliberations. The presentation includes a summary of operating and capital expenses, a breakdown of proposed capital projects and an overview of the tax levy and tax rates.
2012 Roadway Pavement Management and Capital Budget Overview (PDF)Stephen Wintle, Division Manager of Infrastructure Planning, provided an overview of the current condition of the City's road network, the Pavement Condition Rating system and proposed capital spending on roads for 2012.
2012 Draft Budget Overview (PDF)                   

Financial Services Manager Maureen Adams presented an overview of the 2012 Draft City Budget to City Council at its regular meeting of January 9th, 2012. The presentation offers an overview of the Draft Operating and Capital Budgets for 2012.

2012 Water and Sewer Overview (PDF)



On December 12, 2011, City Council passed a series of by-laws to establish the Water and Sewer rates for 2012. The 2012 Water and Sewer Budget calls for total spending of $14,859,637. This represents an increase of 2.96 %. It translates into a residential Water/Sewer bill increase of approximately $1.25 to $1.75 per month, depending on the number of water fixtures in a home.The presentation offers an overview of the Water/Sewer Budget and planned Capital projects for 2012. The Water and Sewer Budget is handled separately from the overall City Budget.

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