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Paramedic Services

Cornwall SDG Paramedic Services provides 24-hour 365-day emergency coverage to the over 111,000 residents and visitors to our community. 

An integral component of the regional 911 system, Paramedics respond to victims of sudden illness or injury. Highly trained and skilled in the pre-hospital management of a wide spectrum of emergencies, Paramedics attempt to stabilize and render treatment to patients at the scene and on route to medical facilities.

Dispatched from the Ottawa Central Ambulance Communication Centre, our regional fleet responds to over 14,000 requests for emergent service and non- emergent inter-facility transfers annually.

As the regional designated delivery agent for Land Ambulance Service, the City of Cornwall maintains 7 ambulance stations throughout the Counties SDG . 

Cornwall SDG Paramedic Services employs over 100 paramedics and six administration staff.

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For additional information, please contact:

Cornwall SDG Paramedic Services
601 Campbell St., PO Box 877
Cornwall, ON K6H 7B7
Tel. 613-930-2787 x 2129
Fax 613- 937-0245