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Public Access Defibrillator Program

Patricia Lanctot and Bradley Nuttley




Public Access Defibrillator Program Brochure (PDF) 

Public Access Defibrillation (PAD) involves placing an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) where people might need them, so that a casualty of Sudden Cardiac Arrest does not have to wait for Paramedics to arrive.

If AEDs are placed where someone might have a Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA), and you know that someone nearby is trained to use the AED, the survival rates from Sudden Cardiac Arrest improve enormously.

The City of Cornwall and the United Counties of Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry started the initiative for the PAD Program in 2004 with 38 AEDs distributed in the community.

Since then, additional AEDs have been placed in the community with the support of the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario, the Ontario Trillium Foundation, Frank Cowen Foundation and other donors. 

A total of 68 AEDs have been donated to the community by these contributors in 2008 and 2009 along with an additional 83 AEDs in 2012 and 9 in 2013.

The Public Access Defibrillator Program administers these AEDs and assists community partners with additional AEDs that are located throughout the community. 

For additional information on AED locations, please access the Public Access Defibrillator Program Brochure or scroll further down down this page.

AEDs and CPR Save Lives!

The use of an AED combined with CPR can increase survival during Sudden Cardiac Arrest by 30 - 70 % when used within 5 minutes of collapse.


What does a PAD program look like?

To run an effective Public Access Defibrillator program the following should be considered:

  • Site Survey & Needs Analysis
  • Medical Oversight
  • Training and Certification
  • Integration with Emergency Medical Services
  • AED Acquisition and Equipment Maintenance
  • Quality Management System and Documentation
  • Procedures and Protocols
  • Promotion and Commitment
  • Incident Review
  • On-Site Drills

The Emergency Management and Community Safety Coordinator can assist any group interested in starting a PAD program. Feel free to contact the Emergency Management and Community Safety Coordinator at 613-930-2787 x 2214 or


Can I be sued for using an AED in an Emergency?

In Ontario, there are two pieces of legislation which protects members of the public from civil liability. They are the Good Samaritan Act, 2001 and the Health Systems Improvement Act, Schedule N on Page 132 and 133 (Chase McEachern Act, Heart Defibrillator Civil Liability, 2007).

The Good Samaritan Act provides protection from civil liability when a person attempts to provide aid to another person during an emergency.

The Health Systems Improvement Act, Schedule N on Page 132 and 133 provides protection from civil liability to a person or organization that attempts to provide aid with a Automated External Defibrillator to another person during an emergency. 

To read the Cornwall SD&G Emergency Medical Services Public Access Defibrillator Policy and Procedure manual click on PAD Policy and Procedure Manual.


AED locations in Cornwall and SDG

City of Cornwall
Benson Centre (7 AEDs)
Cornwall Civic Complex
Cornwall Curling Centre
Cornwall Aquatic Centre
Big Ben Ski Centre
Cornwall SDG EMS Headquarters 
Cornwall Community Police Service
Justice Building (340 Pitt Street)
St. Lawrence Intermediate School
Cornwall Public Library
City Hall
Municipal Works Building
Seaway Senior Citizens Club 1201
Court Building (29 Second Street West)
Cornwall Transit
Water Purification Plant
Glen Stor Dun Lodge
TR Leger School
United Counties of SD&G Administration Building
Marina 200
Cornwall Command Vehicle (mobile)
Optimist Park
St. Matthew Catholic Secondary School
Tri-County Mental Health Services
Eamer's Corners Public School
St. Joseph's Catholic Secondary School
Aultsville Theatre
Cornwall Collegiate and Vocational School
La Citadelle Catholic Secondary School
L'Heritage High School
Cornwall Community Museum
Gladstone Public School
East Front Public School
St. Lawrence College
Community Care Access Centre
Rose des Vents Public School
St. Lawrence River Institute of Environmental Sciences
Immaculate Conception Catholic School
Raisin Region Conservation Authority
Richelieu Day Care
Viscount Alexander Public School
Sainte Therese Catholic School
Marie-Tanguay Elementary School
Boys & Girls Club of Cornwall/SDG
St. Peter's Catholic School
St. Columban's Catholic School
Agape Centre
Bishop MacDonell Catholic School
St. Anne's Catholic School
Sacred Heart Catholic School
Township of South Stormont
Municipal Building (Long Sault)
Long Sault Arena 
OPP Auxiliary Mobile Unit (Long Sault)
Rothwell-Osnabruck School (Ingleside)
Farran Park (Ingleside)
Our Lady of Good Counsel School (Ingleside)
United Counties of SD&G Library (St. Andrews)
South Stormont Senior Support Centre
Sainte Lucie Catholic School
United Counties of SD&G Library (Ingleside)
St. Andrew's Catholic School
United Counties of SD&G Library (Long Sault)
St. George's Catholic School
Longue Sault Public School
Township of North Stormont
Finch Arena 
Crysler Community Centre
Municipal Building (Berwick)
Avonmore Community Centre
Moose Creek Community Centre
Finch Community Centre
Tagwi Secondary School
Monkland Recreation Centre
North Stormont Public School
La Source Elementary School (Moose Creek)
United Counties of SD&G Library (Finch)
North Stormont Seniors' Support Centre (Finch)
United Counties of SD&G Library (Crysler)
Roxmore Public School (Avonmore)
Township of South Dundas 
Williamsburg Fire Department 
South Dundas Municipal Building (Williamsburg)
Morrisburg Fire Department
Riverside Recreation Centre
Upper Canada Village
Iroquois Recreation Centre
Morrisburg Justice Building
Seaway District High School
Matilda Hall (Iroquois)
Iroquois Fire Department
Crysler Park Marina
Morrisburg Arena
North Williamsburg Recreation Centre
St. Mary - St. Cecilia Catholic School (Morrisburg)
TR Leger Alternative School (Morrisburg)
Dunbar Recreation Centre (Williamsburg)
Iroquois Public School
Iroquois Municipal Golf Centre
Operating Engineers Training Institute of Ontario
United Counties of SD&G Library (Morrisburg)
Morrisburg Public School
J.W. MacIntosh Seniors' Support Centre (Williamsburg)
Roxmore Public School (Avonmore)
Notre Dame du Rosaire Catholic School (Crysler)
Township of North Dundas
Municipal Office (Winchester)
Chesterville Arena
Winchester Arena
South Mountain Agricultural Hall
Nelson Laprade Senior Centre (Chesterville)
Morewood Community Centre
Chesterville Community Centre and Medical Clinic
Winchester Library and OPP Station
Nor-Dun Senior Support Centre (Winchester)
United Counties of SD&G Library (South Mountain)
Mountain Community Hall
St. Mary's Catholic School (Chesterville)
Winchester Public School
Social Services - Chesterville Office
North Dundas District High School (Chesterville)
Winchester Cultural Centre
Chesterville Public School
United Counties of SD&G Library (Morewood)
TR Leger Alternative Secondary School (Winchester)
Township of South Glengarry
Municipal Building (Lancaster)
Char-Lan Recreation Centre (Williamstown)
North Lancaster Optimist Club and Park
Holy Trinity Secondary School
Bainsville Community Centre
Char-Lan District High School
Martintown Community Centre
S.J. McLeod Public School (Bainsville)
United Counties of SD&G Library (Lancaster)
United Counties of SD&G Library (Williamstown)
Iona Academy
Williamstown Public School
Township of North Glengarry
Municipal Building (Alexandria)
Glengarry Sports Palace (Alexandria) 
Apple Hill Community Centre 
Glen Robertson Recreation Centre 
Green Valley Community Centre
Glengarry District High School
Dunvegan Recreation Centre
Sandfield Recreation Building (Alexandria)
Maxville Arena
Dalkeith Recreation Centre
Glengarry Indoor Sports Complex (Alexandria)
Le Relais Catholic Secondary School
United Counties of SD&G Library (Maxville)
United Counties of SD&G Library (Dalkeith)
Social Services - Alexandria Branch
Elda-Rouleau Elementary School
Maxville Public School
Glengarry Encore Seniors Centre
United Countties of SD&G Library (Alexandria)
Terre des Jeunes School (Alexandria)
L'ange Gardien Catholic School (North Lancaster)
St. Finnan's Catholic School (Alexandria)
TR Leger Alternative School (Alexandria)