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Logo Use Guidelines 

Graphic Standards GuideThe City of Cornwall's corporate visual identity is made up of a logo and tagline that is to be applied in a consistent and professional manner in all instances of its use. A full set of design guidelines that specify how the logo is to be used, what colours are to be used and what fonts must be used is available in a detailed, comprehensive document called the Graphic Communication Standards Guide. You can view and download the Guide by clicking on the following link:

Please review the Guide carefully before using the Cornwall logo in any application.

Download the Logo

The logo file itself is available for download in a variety of formats in the following sections:

Please note that how the logo is to be used will govern which logo file to download. The Guide provides additional information on how best to use these files, including specific colour information and examples of inappropriate uses.

Cornwall Logo: JPG Format

The following files are presented in JPG format and are acceptable for use in low-resolution printing, word processing, web and presentation-style applications.

Right click on the links to download and save the JPG file to your computer.


 Cornwall Logo

 Cornwall English Logo

Cornwall French Logo

 Cornwall English French Logo
 Cornwall French English Logo

Cornwall Logo: EPS Format

The following links are zipped archives of the City of Cornwall logo in vector based formats (EPS). These advanced file formats are meant to be used by professional designers and printers and require specialized software to open.

Right click to download the ZIP file to your computer.

 Black Colour Only  CMYK Colour Scheme  PMS Colour Scheme
 Black.eps (K) Format (ZIP file)  CMYK.eps Format (ZIP file)  PMS.eps Format (ZIP file)

Questions concerning the Graphic Communication Standards Guide and/or the use of the Cornwall logo can be directed to:

Bob Peters, Division Manager
Cornwall Economic Development
Tel: 613-930-2787, ext.2268

Copyright Notice:

The City of Cornwall logo is a trademark and official mark, owned by the City of Cornwall. The logo should only be used for official City business and the City of Cornwall reserves all legal rights to control and limit the public use of the brand.