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SDM Distribution CentreThe economy of Cornwall has diversified signicantly over the past decade, and as such, has proven to be very resilient. The City currently enjoys a lower than average unemployment rate and building activity is strong.

Historically, the City's strategic location on the banks of the mighty St. Lawrence River, in the heart of Canada's central economic region, helped attract manufacturing businesses to the area. For decades, mills dominated the skyline, and the local economy grew and shrank as the national economy did. In the mid 1990's, Cornwall began to attract companies in other sectors, most notably logistics, distribution and the service sector. By the time the millennium arrived, manufacturing was no longer the dominant employment sector, althought it remained an important part of the economic mix.  

Today, Cornwall's economy is led by private sector employers such as SCM, Matrix, Eleven Points and SigmaPoint.

The strong economic performance over the past decade has proven to be a catalyst for ambitious civic revitalization projects and new business development growth. In 2012, building permit activity topped $160 million, the third highest amount ever recorded by the City. The Economic Development department annually reviews the year's economy in a report entitled: Year in Review. Copies of the report are available online at

Cornwall is also growing as an attractive place to live as well as to work. Enhanced by several kilometres of waterfront, the City is home to a number of exciting community projects, and continues to rank as one of Canada's most environmentally-friendly cities.

If you are thinking about moving your family or your business to Cornwall, be sure to contact Cornwall Economic Development for a copy of the Community Profile. The Profile is an up-to-date resource of demographic statistics, utility rate structures and general community information, and is available without charge. Simply visit the Contact Us section of this web site to request a copy.

For current business news, and more information about Cornwall's economy, visit