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Economic Development Strategic Plan

The City of Cornwall is developing a new Economic Development Strategic Plan.  Once complete, this plan will outline priorities that will help to strengthen and sustain our local economy.

The Economic Development Strategic Plan will provide a focus point to guide the community's efforts to attract new investment and realize positive sustainable growth that will result in increased prosperity for residents. This exercise will include qualitative and quantitative research as well as public consultation in the form of interviews, focus groups, public meetings and a public survey.

As part of the process, the City has retained McSweeney & Associates, a professional consulting firm with expertise in strategic economic development planning. The consultants will be reaching out to community stakeholders to gather information.

New and Notable

The consultants are currently gathering information as part of the research phase of the project. Here are some key activities that will take place over the next several weeks:

  • Interviews are planned with a variety of community and business leaders and should be complete by January 2016.
  • Members of the public will be invited to share their thoughts via an online public survey which will be launched on December 16.
  • A number of focus groups will participate in sessions designed to gather information about specific sectors and/or economic drivers. These focus group sessions will take place in January 2016.
  • Public town hall meetings on the preliminary draft of the Economic Development Strategic Plan will take place in early 2016.

Have your say!

We are interested in what you have to say about Cornwall's economy and what strategies may be most appropriate to secure new growth in coming years. You can participate in the following ways:

  • Email us - send us your thoughts via email to
  • Attend the town hall meetings (stay tuned for dates in 2016)

Economic Development Strategic Plan Committee

Cornwall City Council has established a committee to oversee the development of the Strategic Plan. The committee meets on a monthly basis and is comprised of the following individuals:

  • Glen Grant (Chair)
  • Leslie O'Shaughnessy (Mayor)
  • Elaine MacDonald (Councillor)
  • Carilyne Hébert (Councillor)
  • Susan Carter
  • Jodi D'Alessio
  • Denis Sabourin

The committee is further supported by a number of resource people.


The City of Cornwall has had an Economic Development Strategic Plan since the late 1980s. Since that time it has been updated on average every 5 years, usually with significant community input and consultation.

The Economic Development Strategic Plan is commissioned for the City's Economic Development Department. Strategies and action plans need to be flexible to accommodate changes in the economy such as technology breakthroughs, senior government policy decisions and general market conditions. Typically, an Economic Development Strategic Plan will also address other aspects of the community that relate to economic development, and therefore some action plans may be earmarked for other community organizations.

The last formal Economic Development Strategic Plan for the City of Cornwall was struck in 2006 and then updated through the efforts of the Economic Development Strategic Plan Committee over the following several years. The City began the efforts to develop a new Economic Development Strategic Plan in 2015 with work expected to be completed in 2016.