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Terms of Reference



The CYAC was created in the spring of 2004 as a result of a motion unanimously endorsed by Council.  The City recognized that its greatest resources lie with its youth.


The Cornwall Youth Advisory Committee / Comité Consultatif Jeunesse Cornwall, serves the population of Cornwall by empowering youth to make a difference in the lives of others.  In working together with City Councillors, and through fostering partnerships with the Cornwall Community Police Service and with youth organizations, the Committee is dedicated to providing youth with a forum to contribute to the development of solutions to make Cornwall a youth friendly community.


The CYAC shall be organized as follow:


  • Students attending school in the City of Cornwall, between the ages of 13 and 19 shall form the majority of the Committee;
  • Three Professionals from the Stakeholders Community; and
  • The CYAC / COCOJECO shall have as a resource, liaison and/or advisory capacity: One member of City Council and one member of Administration / Recording Secretary.


  1. Serve as an Advisory Committee to City Council on proposed spending legislation, expenditures and policy matters;
  2. Help City Council identify and where possible remove barriers that hinder youth from making full use of City services;
  3. Identify issues and opportunities that affect youth in Cornwall and serve as a channel for youth to express their opinions and offer solutions to problems affecting them;
  4. Make their voices heard on important issues facing youth;
  5. Examine issues of importance to youth, including but not limited to, safe environment for youth, substance abuse, physical health, youth access to services and programs (transit, recreational, etc.);
  6. Strive to ensure that issues relating to youth are brought to the forefront of the media;
  7. Encourage and facilitate youth volunteers, linking students who need 40 hours of community services with volunteer opportunity;
  8. Looking ahead at possible actions.

Youth Symposium where high school students can discuss issues affecting them, including health, recreation, employment, transportation, civic participation

  • Create a webpage within the city's website where young people can connect to information on the City's youth programs and services;
  • Get involved in social network services to turn communication into interactive dialogue; and
  • Celebrate Youth Volunteers by bringing together organizations and young people to showcase opportunities for youth to become involved in their community.