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Wedding Officiants

Your wedding day can be special whether you opt for a more intimate setting with a smaller gathering like City Hall or a more formal affair at another venue in the City of Cornwall. 

Due to changes to the Marriage Act, Municipal Clerks can now perform civil marriage ceremonies, so you can celebrate your special day with a convenient and affordable ceremony performed by Cornwall's Clerk. All ceremonies are customized, dignified and non-denominational.

Office of the City Clerk

Manon Levesque

Linda Phillips Lori Delgreco

Manon L. Levesque
City Clerk / Wedding Officiant
(613) 930-2787 ext 2316

Linda Phillips
Wedding Officiant

Lori Delgreco
Wedding Officiant


About our Ceremonies

Ceremonies can be conducted in the Council Chambers at City Hall, 360 Pitt Street in Cornwall.

Ceremonies can be conducted in other locations on evenings and weekends only.

In order to provide the right service to the couple and prepare for a personalized wedding, a pre-ceremony meeting will be scheduled with both parties.

Ceremonies are available in the English or French languages or in a combination of both and can include special requests such as personalized scripts, poems, readings, etc.

Although every effort is made to accommodate last-minute requests, there can be situations in which demand regrettably exceeds availability. To avoid disappointment, couples are encouraged to reserve their wedding date with an Officiant in advance. 

A $60.00 non-refundable fee is required to reserve a wedding date.  The $60.00 will be applied towards the overall cost of the ceremony.

Two witnesses are required and must be fourteen (14) years of age or older.

Photographs and videos are permitted during the ceremony.

The fee for the Solemnization of a Marriage during regular hours of work at City Hall is $300.00 and is payable to the City of Cornwall (cash, money order, interact or credit card payments are accepted).

The fee for the Solemnization of a Marriage during evenings and weekends is $300.00: 
$140.00 is payable to the City of Cornwall (cash, money order, interact or credit card payments are accepted) and
$160.00 is payable to the Officiant (only cash payment is accepted).

A Rehearsal can be arranged prior to the wedding and the fee for this service is $40.00.

Should witnesses be required, a fee of $40.00 ($20.00 for each witness) will be charged.

Rice and confetti are not allowed in Council Chambers, City Hall, parking lot, entrance or surrounding public areas including sidewalks.

Alcohol or stimulants are not to be used by the celebrants or their witnesses prior to or during the ceremony.  If the Officiant believes that alcohol or other stimulants have been used, the ceremony will not proceed.

Other Marriage Officiants

Please visit the Service Ontario website to find other Marriage Officiants in the Province of Ontario.

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