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The Municipal Accessibility Advisory Committee

The Municipal Accessibility Advisory Committee was created in accordance with the Ontarians with Disability Act.  The Committee consists of eight (8) members, the majority of whom are persons with disabilities.    

Mission Statement

Our Mission is to remove all barriers within The Corporation of the City of Cornwall faced by all citizens with disabilities and to ensure the implementation and continual improvement of our Accessibility Plan.

Message from the Municipal Accessibility Advisory Committee (MAAC)

The Ontarians with Disability Act and the role of the mandatory plan and the Committee has been an important step in making Ontario cities accessible. For the disabled and non disabled members of the Committee, the process has opened our eyes to the needs of the citizens who have disabilities. The 2007 Plan is authored by individuals representing the Cornwall community and tailored for the Cornwall community. It will allow Cornwallites of all ages regardless of their abilities, to partake in the life of our community. When people with disabilities gain their freedom of movement and access, the entire community moves forward. 

Members with Disabilities and Professionals from the Stakeholder Community

Cornwall Council Representative

Councillor Elaine MacDonald

Administrative Support Staff
Manon L. Levesque, City Clerk and Accessibility Advisor             

Terms of Reference


To provide advice to Council on an annual basis about the preparation, implementation an effectiveness of the Accessibility Plan for the City of Cornwall.


  • To guide the preparation, review and amendments to the Accessibility Plan for the City of Cornwall;
  • Conduct annual reviews of the Plan;
  • Act as an advisory body and review agency for Council on matters of accessibility, community input or accessibility related complaints;
  • Act as a review agency (subcommittee) for selected development Site Plans
  • Provide broader public education campaigns and public forum workshops on the importance of accessibility in and for the community; and
  • Provide guidance on Capital Budget priorities in the City (and affiliated agencies).


  • To identify and study issues of concern to persons with disabilities and, on the basis of the knowledge and experience of Committee Members, to recommend action where appropriate;
  • Promote opportunities for self-help in the context of family and community for persons with disabilities;
  • Review government programs and policies affecting persons with disabilities in the community; and
  • Liaise with City departments and local organizations in addressing issues that are related to persons with disabilities in the community.


Needs Assessment

  • The Committee will utilize a wide variety of information sources including existing data, service agency statistics, individual and group consultations, public forums, and published studies and reports to identify the needs of persons with disabilities;
  • In cases where needed information is unavailable, the Committee will make use of existing resources and encourage the appropriate organizations to undertake the necessary research; and
  • If needed, the Committee will attend to the gathering of information as required.

Policy Advocacy

  • The Committee will keep informed on matters of government policy (Municipal, Provincial, or Federal) affecting persons with disabilities;
  • In cases of local jurisdiction, the Committee may advocate before City Council on behalf of persons with disabilities; and
  • Where policies fall under the responsibility of other levels of government, the Committee will inform City Council of the impact of these policies on persons with disabilities and suggest possible courses of action for the City to pursue with provincial or federal government.

Public Education

  • The Committee will encourage the efforts of individuals and organizations to educate the community on matters pertaining to persons with disabilities; and
  • The Committee will communicate information to the disabled community by appropriate means.


The Committee will elect a Chairperson (elected amongst the members). The membership will consist of members with disabilities who shall form the majority of the Committee, professional members from the stakeholder community who have a vested interest with accessibility, a member of Council, an Accessibility Coordinator through the Office of the City Clerk and administrative staff who will act as resources.


All members selected to sit on the Committee shall hold their seat for the term of Council and shall be appointed by the Lay Appointments Committee. 

Municipal Accessibility Advisory Committee Meeting Schedule

Date Link to Agenda Link to Minutes
Thursday, April 6, 2017            Agenda Minutes
Thursday, May 25, 2017  Agenda Minutes
 Wednesday, November 15, 2017 Agenda  
 Wednesday, March 7, 2018 Agenda  Minutes
Date Link to Agenda Link to Minutes
Monday, December 19, 2016  Agenda Minutes
Wednesday, October 19, 2016  Agenda Minutes
Wednesday, June 15, 2016  Agenda Minutes
Wednesday, March 16, 2016  Agenda Minutes