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Cornwall City Council

Mayor Leslie O'ShaughnessyMayor Leslie O'Shaughnessy

Home Address
109 Lottie Avenue, Cornwall, ON   K6J 3M3

Home Phone
(613) 937-3130

Office Phone
(613) 930-2787, extension 2327

E-Mail Address

If you would like a response to your letter the following information is required: e-mail address, name, mailing address and telephone number.

Budget Steering Committee (Ex-officio)
Building Industry Liaison & Advisory Committee
Cornwall Community Police Services Board
Cornwall Economic Development Strategic Plan Committee
Glen Stor Dun Lodge Management Board
Lay Appointments Committee
Municipal Tax Registration Policy
Official Plan/Urban Settlement Boundary Steering Committee
Personnel Committee
Port Divestiture Committee
Review of Community Agencies Committee (Ex-officio)
Senior Friendly Community Plan Development Advisory Committee
Service Manager Joint Liaison Committee
Waterfront Land Acquisition Committee