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City of Cornwall Strategic Plan

The City of Cornwall provides responsible municipal services and programs in partnership with our community.

Proud of our past and excited about our future, Cornwall will be the city of choice on the great St. Lawrence River.


At its regular Council meeting of June 24th, 2013, Cornwall City Council adopted a new Strategic Plan that sets out a series of objectives to guide Council and Administration.

The Strategic Plan identifies five key pillars:

- Social Development

- Economic Growth

- Vibrant and Healthy Quality of Life

- Waterfront Development

- Efficient Services

Each pillar is supported by a series of priority projects
and supporting initiatives (please see the PDF chart below
for a detailed listing).

More information:

- Strategic Plan Chart (PDF)
- Strategic Plan Report (PDF)

 As part of the execution of the Strategic Plan, yearly operating
plans & project plans will be written & executed by Administration
in alignment with the directions established in the Strategic Plan.


 Consultation for the Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan Survey results (PDF)
Community Engagement Session (PDF)

The Strategic Plan was developed jointly by members of Council
and Administration with input from City employees and the community in the form of an online survey and a Community Engagement Session.

The process was facilitated by the Centre for
Corporate Learning & Performance Improvement Community Engagement Session
at St. Lawrence College.

Council, Administration and Staff were invited to complete a survey on vision and priorities for the City of Cornwall.

The survey was posted online by the City of Cornwall and sent by link to all members
of Council, Staff and Administration.

Strategic Planning Training (May 24th, 2013)
Participants were led through a half day session
on strategic planning which included; how to make decisions incorporating best practice examples and lessons learned from other organizations; Creating mission, vision and values to align Strategic Plan
activities; Setting a framework for results through
strategic pillars, priorities and supporting initiatives.

Community Engagement Session
(May 29th, 2013)
The community was invited to participate in the strategic planning process in two unique ways. In collaboration with the Centre for Corporate Learning and Performance Improvement at St. Lawrence College, the City of Cornwall posted an online survey to its website that was the same as that used for Administration, Council and Staff.

In addition, a live community engagement session was hosted at the Civic Complex. The session was advertised and publicized online and in the media to invite interested citizens to attend and participate.

A learning cafe style of data collections was used for the community engagement session. Specifically, tables were set up with two group facilitators who were representatives of the City of Cornwall's management team in addition to being graduates of the St. Lawrence College Leadership for Managers program.

Community input was gathered via flipchart and immediately transcribed to soft copy for the report during the session. The data collected at this session was compiled and submitted to the City of Cornwall to be used in its strategic planning session.

Strategic Planning (June 1st and 6th, 2013)
Participants worked collaboratively to: Review feedback from Council, Administration, Staff and the community; Establish mission, vision and values for the City of Cornwall; Review and revise strategic themes, priorities and supporting initiatives; Develop a draft plan.