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Scent Sensitivity Program

Medical evidence clearly shows that scented products are harmful to the health of sensitive individuals.  In sufficient concentrations, scented products may be harmful to those with allergies, environmental sensitivity or chronic heart or lung disease.

The City of Cornwall has implemented a Scent Sensitivity Program which encourages visitors and regular users of City facilities to be considerate of one another.

Scents are included in a large range of products, including:

  • colognes and aftershaves
  • fragrances and perfumes 
  •  hairsprays 
  •  lotions, creams and oils 
  •  soaps 
  •  cosmetics 
  •  shampoos and conditioners 
  •  deodorants 
  •  laundry detergents and fabric softeners 
  •  markers 
  •  air fresheners/deodorizers/pot pourri

Scents can cause health problems and symptoms may include:

  •  wheezing, shortness of breath (asthma attack) 
  •  sneezing and congestion 
  •  headaches/migraines 
  •  dizziness/lightheadedness 
  •  difficulty with concentration 
  •  nausea or loss of appetite 
  •  eye, nose and throat irritation 
  •  skin irritation 
  •  fatigue or weakness

It is important to remember that some products that claim to be "scent free" may have only masked the scent by the use of an additional chemical. Look for a product labeled as "fragrance free."

Please help the City of Cornwall keep its facilities healthy and comfortable for all!

For more information, please contact Manon Levesque, City Clerk and Accessibility Advisory, or 613-930-2787 ext 2316.